The Metal and Allied Namibian Worker’s Union (MANWU) was founded on 24th May 1987 and brings together about 90% of the skilled and semi-skilled laborers’ working in the Metal, Building, Engineering, Motors, Plastic, Wood industry and other related sectors.

Latest News/ Events

MANWU supports teachers' right to strike

MANWU has noted with concern that the Namibian government is trying to use "volunteers" as scab labour to undermine the right of teachers to strike.  This could pave the way for

National Youth Conference 2016

The 2nd MANWU National Youth Conference was held on the 16th and 17th March 2016 outside Windhoek.

MANWU Congress 2016

MANWU held its 9th national congress from 24-26 August 2016 in Windhoek.  The following National Office Bearers were elected: President: Angula Angu

Opening Address: Establishing the Education Centre of the Metal and Allied Namibian Workers Union (MANWU)

MANWU opened its own education centre on 3 June 2015.  MANWU's former president, Cde Otto Mupambula Nahambo, gave the opening address.

MANWU Education Conference 2015

MANWU held its first national education conference in Windhoek from 29-30 July 2015.  The event was attended by 42 delegates from the various branches.